Breaking Free From Plastic: Can it be Done?

Happy Canada Day!


Happy 1st day of Plastic Free July!

My husband and I decided to participate this year in Plastic Free July! We would love to eventually live zero waste, so this is our way of jumping in to see how it goes. During the month of July we are committed to going completely plastic free (eek!), with the exception of a few items**, and I will be documenting our journey here on this blog. If you want to read more about why we are targeting plastic, you can read about it here.

I am excited about this, but also a bit hesitant. I am hoping a lot of my questions about how possible it is to be a zero waste household living in small town Ontario, Canada (since a lot of zero waste information seems to be coming from places like California) will be answered this month. For example:

  • FINANCES. We are a very frugal household, so we are quite nervous that zero waste means increasing our grocery/toiletries/etc. budget. This is a major reason that leads us to buy items in plastic, as unfortunately our temptation to save $$ often overrides our ethics.
  • If the option is not there, does that mean I have to make it? I mean, we love yogurt, but if I can’t find it in a plastic-free alternative, do I have to make it?
  • And if I am making things, how will that impact my time? All you busy mamma’s, or full-time students, or anybody, knows the anxiety this question brings.

I guess I’ll just have to live it and see….

Some other things I am hoping to discover and accomplish this month:

  • A tour of our regional recycling facility. What exactly gets recycled and what ends up in the landfill?
  • What are some local businesses attempting to be less wasteful?
  • Other than bulk barn (yay bulk barn, finally!) where can I bring my own containers?
  • Where can I buy plastic free alternatives?

If you feel compelled to join us in this, let me know, it would be great to share the journey and get some tips and tricks as I am certainly no expert!


**Now we do have a couple of exceptions to participating in Plastic Free July, as we do have a 1 year old so these things we will be buying during July:
1) Cows milk – we will be recycling the container, but unfortunately we can’t go to a farmer and request milk in a glass bottle anymore (booooo!). Unless anyone knows where I can get milk in glass bottles? Does that even exist in the Niagara Region anymore?
2) We do cloth diaper during the day, but not overnight (momma needs her sleep!). We use 1 disposable diaper, 2 diapers if he randomly has a leak, which rarely happens.

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