Plastic Free July 2018: Plastic Emergencies

Well, it’s day 7 of Plastic Free July, and here’s an update.

I’d like to say that we have been 100% on goal and have not bought plastic at all. But unfortunately i cannot say that. Day 3 my son ran a super high fever and we took him to the hospital (he’s fine now, fever broke later that night). I was going there straight from work, and my husband did not have time to pack much. Long story short, I stopped to get some take out so we would have some food (good ol’ 4 hour wait). And some packaged food for my son as he was not eating very well (those squeeze packs are SO convenient) and wanted something on hand in case.

I knew this would happen at some point….something unexpected this month that would lead to plastic consumption, just didn’t expect it so soon! Emergencies happen, and this was a good reminder that of that. If you are dehydrated and have zero access to clean water, don’t drink out of a puddle to avoid a plastic water bottle 😂 It took me a LONG time to get in the habit of taking a reusable water bottle with me when I left the house. Now it’s second nature and is as natural as grabbing my car keys.

31 days is not a long time to all of a sudden live completely plastic free, but this is also a good reminder to think trough emergencies and plan ahead. Practice leads to progress. Habits take time to form.

Tomorrow is another day, and it is also grocery day for us, the first one during plastic free July, so I must start my planning ahead…

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