Plastic Free July 2018: The Cheese Dilemma

Oh for the love of cheese! All I want is cheese, good ol’ fashioned not wrapped in plastic cheese, is that so much to ask????? Oh, and can it not cost a million dollars?

Maybe this is too much to ask during Plastic Free July, and perhaps I should just abstain from cheese for the month, but really this food is a family favorite so I am desperately trying to figure this out.

Yesterday I went to Buns Master, and ended up getting 2 pounds of cheese in my own container (which is awesome that they did this, and I think most deli’s will oblige), and yes it did cost me a million dollars.

But by the end of this process through conversation with the employee there, did I really save on plastic packaging? I saved on the plastic packaging the Deli would have normally put it in after being cut and weighed, but here’s the thing, it comes to the store vacuum sealed in plastic anyway and I never go to the deli to get my cheese as I normally buy blocks on sale at the grocery store.

So here in the above picture is my cheese wrapped in my beautiful Abeego reusable wrap, but filled with a failed attempt at limiting plastic packaging.

So what are my options? Continue to buy how I was before or give up cheese entirely. There are no easy answers unfortunately.

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