DIY Lip Balm

Anyone else in love with the smell of beeswax?? I can’t get enough of it, even though technically it is bee poop (google it, I’m not lying!).

I want to preface this post by saying I am not a DIY master. You will most likely not see a lot of these type of posts. Most of the time I actually dislike having to make anything if I can buy it instead. But with my family participating in a Buy Nothing 2020, where we are abstaining from purchasing items besides that which are essential to daily living, I will just need to push past this.

What I do love is lip balm. Making my own made sense and seemed like an easy way to stop buying those single-use lip balm tubes that end up in the landfill. I also do not see lip balm as an essential as I could probably live without it, so instead of buying it, I will make it instead.


  • 3 TB Coconut Oil
  • 2 TB Beeswax
  • Empty containers
    (I used empty repurposed David’s Tea sampler containers)
  • You can add honey or essential oils for added taste/smell

    THAT’S IT!

Before buying your own containers, take some time to search around your house for items that could be used to hold your lip balm instead. Here is a picture of various items I found around the house that could be used.


  • Prepare empty containers to be filled.
  • Melt coconut oil, beeswax & honey together (make sure the beeswax is melted on LOW heat slowly as there is risk of scorching and/or fire).
  • Remove from heat when completely melted.
  • Pour into containers and let cool & harden.


I told you it was easy. Clean up is actually the most difficult (particularly the beeswax), so I would suggest using items that are not in the usual rotation of cooking.

I have a lot of beeswax leftover and stumbled across a recipe for beeswax deodorant, so we shall see if my DIY attitude changes this year!


3 thoughts on “DIY Lip Balm

  1. So I want those wee metal tins… might have to source some out at Davids tea, or see if anyone has any they are getting rid of 🙂 I have made my own lip balms before and much prefer them to the single use ones you buy. As well… that seems like such a small amount of ingredients, but man does it make a lot of balm! 🙂 I have added some cocoa butter (still smells like cocoa), with peppermint, and in one I actually put a tinch of real cocoa and it was divine!


    1. ooooh, that sounds so yummy! It is amazing how little of an amount can make a huge amount of balm. Just the 4 tins will last me at least a year! I bought Rob a tea sampler years ago of herbal teas, and they are SO conveniently perfect for this purpose. Thanks for sharing Kristi-Anna!


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