10 x 10 Challenge: DAY 1 Disposable Fashion is Clogging our Landfills

For the next 10 Days I will be wearing 10 articles of clothing (including shoes), that are captured in this image. This challenge originally is to encourage creativity with items in your closet to force you to create different outfits with a small amount of items. Visit Style Bee to read more about this Challenge!

A good friend of mine did this challenge a few years ago, and this was the first time I was introduced to a “Capsule Wardrobe” and “Slow Fashion.” I kind of had a beginners level of awareness that our society’s consumption of clothing was at a high level, but I didn’t know details. Since then I have learned a lot more, and am excited to share this information with you, especially as I journey through my own 10 x 10 Challenge!

The Brandon Sun reported this:


The disposability of clothing today is shocking. We live in a throwaway society, so it makes sense that this would extend into our closets. The fashion industry is built to create designs that move quickly from the catwalk to stores to meet new trends. Today the time in between the appearance and the disappearance of trends is faster than ever. A trend can be around for as little as just one season. A 2019 EU Fashion Report stated that back in 2000 fashion companies were producing 2 collections per year, but that in 2011 that had increased to 5! That is a lot of turnover. Today average everyday customers can buy trendy clothing at an affordable price. The affordability of the clothing allows the cycle of trends to be very FAST! This is called “Fast Fashion,” also referred to as disposable fashion.

The fashion industry generates 4% of the world’s waste each year, 92 million tonnes! This disposal includes throwing away and burning unsold stock. In 2018 it was exposed that Burberry was burning $40 million dollars “worth” of unsold stock, along with other companies like H&M and Nike. I just cannot wrap my head around this.


I typically shop for clothing and shoes at thrift stores (except this year due to our Buy Nothing 2020), but I have still become discouraged at the poor quality and short lifespan of the clothing I buy. My purchases also depend on the continuing of a system that is not sustainable, so how do I approach my closet in a way that supports a sustainable solution? If I desire to waste less, it makes sense that I would take an honest look at my closet and working to make it as sustainable as possible. I am doing this Challenge to take an honest look at my closet to really examine the clothing that I am wearing, to learn more and ask these tough questions. To seek to create a wardrobe that is indisposable.


For the remainder of the Challenge, expect posts about:

  • micro plastics
  • fabrics
  • thrift stores
  • shoes
  • slow fashion

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