101 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day 2020

This year is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, and there are a lot of ways we can celebrate this year despite social distancing, whether it’s learning something new, making a zero waste swap, tackling one area you’ve been wanting lately to change, or participating in a one-time activity. Here are 101 ideas. The hope with this list is that there is something for everyone!

So here goes….

1 – Explore the “Earth Day” website to see how you can get involved

2 – Calculate your carbon footprint here

3 – Plant some seeds

4 – Make a meatless meal (like this one)

5 – Refuse to buy plastic packaging on one or more items on your next grocery trip

6 – Switch one of your bills to paperless

7 – Cancel one flyer delivery

8 – Take political action by signing a petition

9 – Start following an environmental community coalition on social media (like Plastic Pollution Coalition or For Our Kids)

10 – Make your own shampoo or buy an unpackaged shampoo bar (like this one)

11 – Repurpose one item in your recycling bin

12 – Learn to mend

13 – Go 24 hours without turning on any lights

14 – Hang dry your next laundry load

15 – The next item you need to purchase, buy it locally

16 – Turn off the water while lathering during your next shower

17 – Bake your own package-free bread (see recipe here)

18 – Do a 10 x 10 Challenge or a Project 333 Challenge with your wardrobe

19 – Build a capsule wardrobe

20 – Make your own deodorant

21 – Collect old unusable clothes and cut them up to use as rags

22 – Keep your plastic bags, wash & reuse them

23 – Read about why plastic is a problem here

24 – Make at home something you normally would buy packaged (ex: granola, crackers, pesto).

25 – Wash your next laundry load on a cold water cycle

26 – Donate to an environmental charity

27 – Meal plan for the following week to reduce food waste

28 – Save your veggie scraps to either regrow or make veggie broth

29 – Adjust your thermostat 1-2 degrees

30 – Educate yourself on how to have a sustainable wardrobe

31 – Save the containers your food comes in (yogurt, sour cream, jam jars), wash them & reuse

32 – Save your toothbrush and use it as a cleaning device

33 – Look around your house prior to making your next purchase to see if there was something you could repurpose instead

34 – Buy a device to collect micro fibers in your laundry, (such as Guppy Friend)

35 – Read about the problem with micro fibers here

36 – Buy a reusable coffee pod instead of the disposable ones

37 – Repurpose an old t-shirt into a produce bag (watch tutorial here)

38 – Learn about greenwashing here

39 – Make your own hand soap, or buy it unpackaged

40 – Join a Buy Nothing Challenge

41 – Implement the Buyerarchy of Needs for your next purchase

42 – Learn what is recyclable at your local municipal facility

43 – Make your own lip balm

44 – Buy a menstrual cup, period underwear, or reusable pads

45 – Do a nature scavenger hunt with your kids (see more nature activities for kids here)

46 – Use a plastic-free container for the next item to be thrown in the freezer

47 – Make your own multi-purpose cleaner

48 – Buy directly from a farmer in your area

49 – Learn about your local seasonal foods here

50 – Buy in-season produce your next shopping trip

51 – Collect rain water or save your indoor grey water to reuse for your garden

52 – Switch to a bamboo toothbrush

53 – Buy a bidet (like this one)

54 – Switch to a reusable coffee filter (like this one)

55 – Switch to a reusable loose leaf tea holder (like this one)

56 – Make your own toothpaste or buy zero waste toothpaste

57 – Choose not to spray your lawn with pesticides this Spring

58 – Opt to go for a walk or bike ride rather than a drive in your car

59 – Switch to a reusable razor

60 – Read about the dangers of consumption & the environment here

61 – Support your local bulk store

62 – Switch to a vegan milk (oat or coconut)

63 – Switch to unpackaged body soap

64 – Plan a zero waste or plastic-free at home birthday

65 – Make your own moisturizer

66 – Have a picnic outside

67 – Learn how to properly dispose of your cell phones, batteries, etc.

68 – Switch to reusable snack bags

69 – Switch to plastic-free floss

70 – Make the switch to LED light bulbs

71 – Unplug your appliances when not in use

72 – Fix any drain drip you might have in your home

73 – Switch to reusable facial wipes/makeup removers by cutting up old fabric

74 – Stop using plastic water bottles

75 – Refuse to idle your car

76 – Switch to reusable food wraps

77 – Turn off the water flow while you lather your hands or brush your teeth

78 – Switch to a low-flow shower head

79 – Switch to rechargeable, reusable batteries

80 – Unsubscribe to junk mail

81 – Opt for a paperless receipt when offered

82 – Shop at your local Farmer’s Market (if still open)

83 – Plant a tree

84 – Commit to at least a weeks worth of no processed frozen meals

85 – Start composting your food waste

86 – Manually wash your dishes and/or clothes

87 – Research environmentally sustainable & ethical clothing/shoe brands

88 – Join a local group that is actively helping the environment

89 – Go for a walk and explore nature

90 – Collect litter while on your walk

91 – Conduct a household “Waste Audit”

92 -Begin a zero waste challenge

93 – Install a nature playground for your kids instead of a plastic one

94 – Write a letter or email to your local representative about your concern about the future of our environment

95 – Make a list of your Waste Less Goals for 2020

96 – Start a Bee Garden

97 – Opt for a chemical-free alternative

98 – Build a birdhouse

99 – Commit to participating in a plastic-free challenge, such as Plastic Free July

100 – Share what you’re doing with others, including sharing in the comments below letting me know what you did to celebrate

101 – Celebrate Earth Day EVERYDAY!


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