Is Plastic Really THAT Bad? (Part 1)

The Nitty Gritty Truth about Plastic. You may have been asking yourself this question, and it is a good one to ask, especially if this is your first time hearing about anything to do with zero waste or about the plastic-free movement. This post is 1 of 3 about plastic – what it is, whyContinue reading “Is Plastic Really THAT Bad? (Part 1)”

Buy Nothing Challenge Update #1

Are you wondering how our Buy Nothing Challenge went during the month of January? If you’re confused about what I’m talking about, my family has decided that for all of 2020 we would not buy any “stuff” unless they are essentials (examples: soap, food, etc.). Read more about it here. So the first month ofContinue reading “Buy Nothing Challenge Update #1”

How to Save Money Living Zero Waste

Money, money, money, MONEY! You may have seen it, an influx of zero waste products from bamboo toothbrushes, reusable period panties, to a metal ice cube tray. From the get go I want to establish that this is a GOOD thing! Why use a plastic pot scrubber when you can use one that is madeContinue reading “How to Save Money Living Zero Waste”

Set Your Waste Less Goals

Biodegradable shampoo. That was my very first waste less goal. If you’ve read my “About” section you know that when I first started my journey to be more environmentally friendly I got quickly overwhelmed and just gave up. There is so much hurting our planet, and there are a lot of different areas you canContinue reading “Set Your Waste Less Goals”

Buy Nothing 2020

WHY? “Buy Nothing Christmas.” Back around 2007 I heard this for the first time. I thought, “really? You just choose not to buy anything for Christmas? What a concept!” – thus began my intrigue! Fast forward a few years and I watched this incredibly informative video on stuff: Yup, it talks about the process ofContinue reading “Buy Nothing 2020”

Tour of the Niagara Recycling Centre

Last week I took a tour of the Niagara Region’s Recycling Centre. I know, I know, sounds super exciting, right?!? But when you don’t know much about how recycling works, and you have an interest in limiting plastic and/or waste, it is actually REALLY interesting! Especially because our tour guide Bert was super knowledgable. IContinue reading “Tour of the Niagara Recycling Centre”

Plastic Free July 2018: Imperfectly Zero Waste

Plastic Free July ended yesterday. I ended it with a bang by visiting our region’s recycling facility – I was so curious to know what exactly gets recycled and what goes to the landfill, so look out for a blog post all about that! It does not feel like a month has gone by. ProbablyContinue reading “Plastic Free July 2018: Imperfectly Zero Waste”

Plastic Free July 2018: The Cheese Dilemma

Oh for the love of cheese! All I want is cheese, good ol’ fashioned not wrapped in plastic cheese, is that so much to ask????? Oh, and can it not cost a million dollars? Maybe this is too much to ask during Plastic Free July, and perhaps I should just abstain from cheese for theContinue reading “Plastic Free July 2018: The Cheese Dilemma”