Is Plastic Really THAT Bad? (Part 1)

The Nitty Gritty Truth about Plastic. You may have been asking yourself this question, and it is a good one to ask, especially if this is your first time hearing about anything to do with zero waste or about the plastic-free movement. This post is 1 of 3 about plastic – what it is, whyContinue reading “Is Plastic Really THAT Bad? (Part 1)”

Tour of the Niagara Recycling Centre

Last week I took a tour of the Niagara Region’s Recycling Centre. I know, I know, sounds super exciting, right?!? But when you don’t know much about how recycling works, and you have an interest in limiting plastic and/or waste, it is actually REALLY interesting! Especially because our tour guide Bert was super knowledgable. IContinue reading “Tour of the Niagara Recycling Centre”