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*Due to Covid pandemic the information below may have changed. Call to confirm with these businesses prior to shopping.*

For those of you in the Niagara Region, here is a list of places to shop that are either zero waste or are making an effort toward being as low waste as possible – find out where to get your groceries, essentials, or yummy treats here!

For those of you located in Canada, but outside of the Niagara Region, check out this Zero Waste database by Zero Waste Canada for zero waste businesses near you.


Bulk Barn
Canada’s biggest bulk chain (over 275 stores), they offer a reusable container program and a HUGE variety of products in bulk.
LOCATED: Various locations in Niagara & Canada

Harvest Barn
Committed to supporting local farmers, they offer a wide variety of local produce (although not always unpackaged).
LOCATED: 1179 Fourth Ave, St. Catharines & 1822 Niagara Stone Rd., NOTL

Farmer’s Markets Ontario
Your local farmer’s market will typically run from the spring until the fall, and it’s where you can find local and unpackaged produce.
LOCATED: Various locations in Niagara & Ontario

Harmony Organic Dairy
Looking for your milk in glass bottles instead of plastic? Harmony Organic is Ontario-based and provides this, and you can then return the bottle to be recycled afterward.
LOCATED: Various stores in Niagara & Ontario

Most butchers and deli counters will put your meet selections inside the container you bring!
LOCATIONS: Various locations in Niagara

Your Local Farm
We are so blessed to live in a region that is surrounded by farmland, and farmers who grow lots of yummy produce, eggs & meat. Just take a tour of your town or the neighbouring one to find one!
LOCATED: Various locations in Niagara

Bakeries and some grocery stores like Superstore offer bread, buns, bagals, etc. in bulk bins. Bring your reusable fabric bag and fill up!
LOCATED: Various locations in Niagara


Garden City Essentials
This is a great place to pick up your essentials (soaps, makeup, skincare, etc.) in bulk or in sustainable packaging!
LOCATED: 35 James St., St. Catharines

Craft Arts Market
Although not specific to selling “essentials” they carry a lot of plastic-free unpackaged items that are also local, such as soaps, razors, pot scrapers, reusable snack bags, & coffee!
LOCATED: 160 St. Paul St., St. Catharines

The Local Life
Although not specific to selling “essentials” they carry a lot of plastic-free unpackaged items that are also local, such as soaps, lip balm, beeswax wraps & reusable snack bags. No coffee, but Balzac’s is across the street!
LOCATED: 12 Lock St., Port Dalhousie

Mother ease
Cloth diapers & accessories made and located in St. Catharines.
LOCATED: 161 Cushman Rd., St. Catharines

At Staples you can find unpackaged toilet paper – free of the plastic wrap!
LOCATED: 3 Locations in Niagara

Ethical, vegetarian, handmade & no packaging products such as soap, shampoo, body butter, etc.
LOCATION: Pen Centre, St. Catharines

Mrs. Greenway
Family-focused business selling eco-friendly products. Low waste focused and a refill program is available.
LOCATED: 24 Main Street West

Lampmans Furniture
Family-owned business that sells Canada & Ontario made furniture.
LOCATION: 728 Canboro Rd., Fenwick

Yummy Treats

Nature’s Corner Bakery & Cafe
An adorable cafe with delicious treats (& lunch!) with ingredients that are organic and local. You will also find a commitment to reducing their overall waste, including biodegradable take out containers!
LOCATED: 302 Canboro Road, Ridgeville

Along with delicious coffee that is roasted in Ancaster, this Ontario-based business has biodegradable cups and cutlery, a discount along with your travel mug, and a lot of other sustainability initiatives
LOCATED: Port Dalhousie & NOTL

Please visit my CONTACT page to submit any zero waste shopping locations in the Niagara Region that you do not see on this page

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