12 Action Steps to Get Started…

So, with 2020 being a new year, a time to consider different ways of living, will you join me in implementing some small changes this year to reduce your waste?

Here are 12 simple things you can start doing this year. Why 12? One for each month of 2020:

1. Switch to reusable grocery bags or totes, produce bags, and/or bread bags.

2. Cut back on laundry. Wear your clothing item one more time before washing. Sleep in your sheets a couple more nights before switching them.

3. Implement the habit of evaluating your purchases. This buyerarchy of needs is a very helpful resource in this area! Ask yourself: Do you really need it? Is it something you can go without? Is it something you can make or borrow from someone?

4. If you do need to buy something, go to your local thrift store first.

5. Evaluate your bathroom routine: Wash your hair less; Shower less or shorten them; and/or switch to unpackaged bar soap.

6. Invest in a good quality reusable coffee mug and/or reusable water bottle. Get into the habit of taking them with you when you leave the house, or keep them readily accessible in the car (this routine took me a while!!!).

7. If you are going to an event try and bring your own light weight cutlery/dishes. This will involve having a “wet bag” of sorts to bring your dirty dishes home with you to clean.

8. Bring your own containers to a restaurant for packing leftovers.

9. Eat less meat. Click here to read a great article about this.

10. Pick one item in your pantry that has packaging that ends up in the trash or has needless packaging, and instead start going to a bulk store with your own container to buy it instead.

11. Pay attention to where things are grown in the grocery store, and be intentional to buy produce that is grown more local. Go to your local Farmer’s Market or stop at roadside farm stands.

12. Pick something simple that you could start making at home instead of buying at a store. For example, lip balm, pesto, hummus, or hand soap.

Happy 2020!! Whether you implement 1 or all 12 of the suggestions above, remember that it’s about small changes over time, and there’s a large imperfect community that is ready to journey through it with you!

3 thoughts on “12 Action Steps to Get Started…

  1. Thanks for these 12 changes to make over the course of the year. Since I’ve already implemented some of them already, one of my focuses will be on making food stuffs such as salad dressing, hummus and anything else that I can make at home. It will certainly be much healthier and will reduce my plastic foot print. I also want to reduce my food waste.

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