Buy Nothing Challenge Update #3

July 2020 For those of you just joining in for the first time, my family and I are participating in a buying nothing challenge. This means that other than the essentials (i.e. soap, food, car repairs, etc.) we aren’t purchasing any other items (read more about it here). Like the reality of life there areContinue reading “Buy Nothing Challenge Update #3”

Guest Post | Urban Gardening in Small Spaces

By: Jolien Carter Our first tomatoes have tiny fruit on them. The promise of great reward for patience and tender care. This is when we really start seeing the “fruits of our labour”. When Megan asked me to write, my automatic thought is, “Where do I start?” But maybe that’s a part of it. WhenContinue reading “Guest Post | Urban Gardening in Small Spaces”

Guest Post | Gardening in the Suburbs

By: Kristy Onclin Growing up in rural southwestern Ontario, my parents always had a giant garden. They grew all types of vegetables. Radishes, beans, tomatoes and more. Rows upon rows of perfectly parallel mounds of dirt yearning for the rain and the sun to nurture the seeds within. The harvest was always plentiful, and aContinue reading “Guest Post | Gardening in the Suburbs”

RE-Purpose Your Trash into Treasure!

A list of 6 common household items that can be transformed… I have been so inspired lately by all of the creative ideas out there on the internet! It seems like at least once a week I am wide eyed in wonder at some new idea on how to repurpose a common item that isContinue reading “RE-Purpose Your Trash into Treasure!”

Buy Nothing Challenge Update #2

Well, it’s already April and I haven’t done an update on our Buy Nothing Challenge for a while. March came, and then shortly after that the pandemic. It almost seemed silly to give an update considering all that is happening, and the fact that a lot of people are struggling financially. My husband was ableContinue reading “Buy Nothing Challenge Update #2”

101 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day 2020

This year is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, and there are a lot of ways we can celebrate this year despite social distancing, whether it’s learning something new, making a zero waste swap, tackling one area you’ve been wanting lately to change, or participating in a one-time activity. Here are 101 ideas. The hopeContinue reading “101 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day 2020”

5 Ways to Help the Planet While Stuck at Home…

Are you going crazy yet? If you’re stuck at home (for a GOOD reason), and potentially loosing your mind, you are in good company. I miss people. I miss the option of going out. I miss hand washing being optional (obviously kidding). But staying home is giving some time to get things done around theContinue reading “5 Ways to Help the Planet While Stuck at Home…”

Ultimate Guide to a Sustainable Closet

Last day of the 10 x 10 Challenge (click here to start reading my other posts), and I’m sad that is has come to an end, but I think this will become a seasonal tradition for me, in the hopes that I can become more aware and connected to the clothes I have and becomeContinue reading “Ultimate Guide to a Sustainable Closet”

10 x 10 Challenge: DAY 9 Slow Down & Encapsulate Sustainable Fashion

Day 9, and I can’t believe the Challenge is almost over! Reflecting back I wish I would have selected a couple more comfortable items within the 10-day wardrobe. My son being sick forced me to switch into some sweats that I was more okay with being ruined. So if you are considering doing this challenge,Continue reading “10 x 10 Challenge: DAY 9 Slow Down & Encapsulate Sustainable Fashion”

10 x 10 Challenge: DAY 8 Reduce Your Foots Print

Try not to roll your eyes at the post title, I’m a bit of a pun lover, and thankfully I am married to an english teacher who is one also. When I think about mass consumption in our closets, what first comes to mind are shoes. You know the common stereotype on television of theContinue reading “10 x 10 Challenge: DAY 8 Reduce Your Foots Print”